About Coding By Numbers...


Hi, I'm Craig and I started Coding By Numbers to provide local kids with the opportunity to try coding because at the time, the education system in Australia was failing to give them that opportunity. For three years I ran a weekly CoderDojo at Helensvale Library and helped hundreds of kids figure out what coding really is and whether or not it is something that interests them. Some have gone on to further education in IT, others walked away knowing that it wasn't for them, both of which are a success in my book!

Since then the curriculum has changed and schools and teachers are bringing the basics into the classroom, which is great progress. I'm working with some schools to pass on what I have learned from CoderDojo, but it also allows me to start targeting kids that want to progress beyond the basics taught in school.

My background is a software developer, manager and entrepreneur of 20 years. Coding By Numbers is a social enterprise and my way of giving back by fostering a grass roots community of kids who will undoubtedly go on to achieve amazing things.